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About Café Coconut Cove

Phone:  321.727.3133

 The Himmeroeder Family with dinner guest Emeril Lagasse

The Himmeroeder Family with dinner guest Emeril Lagasse

"We invite you to sit back, enjoy your meal and the beautiful sunset over the scenic Indian River Lagoon."

Originally known by the name of “Gray’s Landing” in 1951, the premise served as a River Landing Site and Dock, which the Locals and Fishermen used as an access to the Atlantic Ocean. Throughout the years it also became known as “Kelly’s Landing” a little later as “Charlie’s Landing”.

In 1984 the Property sat abandoned for two years. Then in 1986 the Himmeroeder Family fell in love with the quiet and beautiful location and after extensive renovation opened Café Coconut Cove in the Spring of 1987.

Chef Franz-Peter Himmeroeder daughter Renee and son Dennis all born in Aachen, a city in the Rhineland of Germany right near the border of Belgium and Holland. Franz-Peter is the third generation of the Himmeroeder family who founded and operated a famous Meat Market and Sausage Factory in the Heart of Aachen since 1900.

From 1959 until 1985 Franz-Peter and his American wife Ellen owned and operated the “Sieben Quellenhof” or Seven Springs Restaurant in Aachen, where they developed a widespread reputation for their superior meals and homemade sausages. Then in 1985 they passed the Restaurant on to their oldest son and came to Florida to offer you some of the flavors of the Rhineland and Germany.

The Himmeroeder Family Welcomes You to Café Coconut Cove of Melbourne Beach, Florida
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